Placenta Specialist Training

Taught by Midwife Monika Rosicka, LM, CPM, PS,

founder of Women's Wisdom University and Tree of Life Midwifery Services

Course Curriculum

This training is designed to teach you how to become a Professional Placenta Specialist and offers a certificate of completion upon finishing all the modules and turning in all your course work. No prior experience with placentas, births, or even moms with babies required. Of course, it’s super helpful if you already know you love serving this population at such a transformative time.  

Maybe you want to help a friend, family member, your partner, or yourself to prepare her or your own placenta and want the exact step by step process, tools, and health benefits the placenta offers?

You only get one shot to prepare the placenta correctly.

This training is special as it’s the most comprehensive training of it’s kind and the only one taught by a home birth midwife with a unique perspective on birthing out of the hospital. I’ve gathered knowledge about placentas for the past 13+ years, and have taken many trainings myself, taught apprentice midwives and Placenta Specialists, have studied the art and science behind placentas, and really love sharing this knowledge with other birth professionals, whether they’re already pretty seasoned or just starting out.

What you will receive from this training:

  • Safety standards and Universal Precautions and Protocols
  • Sanitation and sterilization techniques
  • Anatomy and Physiology of placentas, including common variations
  • How to properly inspect a placenta
  • How to grow a healthy placenta: emphasis on nutrition, lifestyle, and special circumstances
  • Home vs Hospital vs Birth Center Release forms
  • Contraindications for processing placenta to be consumed by the mom
  • What happens if a placenta goes to pathology?
  • Special placentas and additional circumstances: (Twins/multiples, cesarean births, surrogacy, adoption, fetal demise/still birth)
  • Helpful birth and placenta terminology to help you excel in this field and sound more professional to families and birth professionals
  • What equipment to use and where to get it, including where to get capsules, types of capsules, and where to get jars/types of jars, what paper to use for prints, etc.
  • Placentaphagy, including encapsulation, other methods (TCM vs raw vs half and half), other recipes to add to your skill set
  • Science and research information about this growing field
  • Exact step-by-step video and written guide with pictures how to prepare the placenta in capsules, make prints, tinctures, and homeopathic remedies, cord keepsake, and other applications of placenta
  • Real feed-back from me on all your course work (wow! I’m so into holistic women’s health, you’re in for a treat…Don’t think of it as regular school, rather a network, community, and new career training)
  • Ready to use forms and hand outs your clients will love that have information, education, and address the most common questions and concerns so you don’t have to recreate the wheel every time (and you can customize for your own practice with logo, name, contact info).

Biz Training:

Everything from getting your first client, sample contracts, marketing, advertising, goal setting, getting referrals, how to meet your ideal clients, receiving feed-back from previous clients, website and social media help.

This portion is worth the price of the class alone!! I have been studying business from industry leaders the past 5 years and know all about the feminine models that work to increase abundance, identify your ideal clients, and how to network to get even more referrals…not to be missed even by seasoned birth pros!!)

Three group live coaching calls to help you master this field, answer any questions, and go over anything holding you back. These calls will be recorded if you are unable to listen live, and everyone in the program will get a recording of the calls.

Membership in a private FB group focused on helping you go from a beginner to an experienced Placenta Specialist. This group will continue after the course completion. I will be responding to this group a lot during the duration of the course itself.



  • Chocolate placenta recipe
  • Placenta recipe ebook
  • Opportunity to be coached personally by me 1:1 via Skype or phone for those who would like more mentoring—these will be announced on the live calls and made available for an additional fee to a limited number of students.
  • Chance to win a free one hour coaching call geared at anything you want to clarify or master
  • All About Placentas Podcast you can share with clients or your community
  • Additional Placenta Resources

Valued at over $1,000, the early bird special for this new course as part of Women's Wisdom University curriculum is: $497 with the Early Bird Special. This training will go up in the future, no doubt about it! 

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Or keep reading about the Placenta Specialist Training Program before you decide to purchase this amazing professional training that is a growing career path for many women and mothers.

Course Outline

This training is broken up into six modules that can be accessed from any computer, smart phone, or device in the world! Each module has written, visual, and audio components, and a couple modules also have instructional videos, such as the process of encapsulating the placenta so you can watch it from start to finish before you try your first one.

I strive to help adults learn new skills and like to explain things clearly and in multiple formats and ways. One new module is available every week, and you have as much time as you need to complete the course, from several weeks to several months. You can access the modules as long as you would like in the future.  

You need to complete all the assignments and receive feed-back from 3 families about your services to receive the Certification of Completion stating you took the course, completed the course work, and are now a Placenta Specialist. The training is designed to prepare you to begin this exciting career with everything you need to get you going, besides the equipment, which we do cover where to purchase it.

Module One: Planting your Placenta Specialist Seeds

  • Who can become a Placenta Specialist?
  • Why now is the best time to offer Placenta Specialist services
  • A day in the life of a professional Placenta Specialist
  • Different birth settings and how they might impact the family’s experience and postpartum
  • Benefits of placenta consumed postpartum: what it’s good for, when to avoid taking it
  • History of Placentophagy
  • Studies that support this practice
  • Contraindications for consuming placenta

Module Two: Germination, all about placentas

  • What’s a placenta? How is it formed? How does it birth?
  • How to grow a healthy placenta (and baby:)
  • Anatomy and Physiology of human placenta
  • Variations in placentas: lobes, cord insertion, veins, etc.
  • Lotus and delayed cord clamping
  • Cord burning

Module Three: Safety First!

  • FDA and OSHA regulations
  • All about biohazard materials
  • Blood born diseases
  • Lab work requests
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Sanitation and sterilization best practices
  • Sample contracts, release forms
  • (What to do if you cut yourself while preparing a placenta, get blood on your hands or in your eye/mucous membrane?)
  • Placenta pathology
  • Contraindications for processing placenta

Module Four: Preparing the placenta capsules, print, cord keepsake

  • Raw vs TCM vs half and half method 
  • Start to finish: video demo of the entire process from start to finish
  • Audio instruction in mp3 format of the process to listen to as a refresher
  • Ebooklet you can print out with step by step instruction
  • How to package your offerings

Module Five: Other applications—Tinctures, salves, homeopathic remedies demystified

  • Skin care
  • Folklore about placenta prints, cords, and other remedies it can help with
  • How to read a placenta and what the placenta might hold as far as the baby’s personality, character, family of origin, and future siblings

Module Six: The Biz of being a Professional Placenta Encapsulator

  • Identifying and finding your ideal clients
  • Networking
  • Social Media tips
  • Tips for building a great website
  • Tips for getting more referrals
  • Pricing and packaging of services
  • Sample hand outs to give to clients you can customize for your practice
  • Benefits of placenta ebook you could print out
  • Getting great reviews and testimonials 
  • Biz name, taxes, and incorporating vs sole proprietorship
  • Tax write offs
  • Setting biz goals
  • Wealth consciousness and why it’s important in our work
  • Working in teams
  • Getting support
  • Self care, self care, self care!!


 Ready to purchase now? Go here to apply and purchase the course.

The first module will be available the week of November 10 and doors will close promptly by Nov 17 for this round of the course.

Looking forward to having you in the first class. The greatly reduced price is really worthwhile. 

Early Bird Special through Nov 5: $497, will go up $100 after that to $597. 

If you spend $497-597 to take the course, you can make that money back very easily with 2-4 encapsulations, depending what you charge: For a low end $150 service, you would only have to offer the service 3 times to get almost all the money back, that's amazing!! If you charge more than that, say up to $250-300 per service, you can make the class investment back in 2 encapsulations. 

I will even teach business skills, something I spent the last 5 years of my own midwifery practice learning. Feminine Business Models are in, and working for yourself while you care for your family and make $40-100/hour (you set your rates) helping other moms in the early postpartum time. It's an amazing gift you can offer another mother. She will be very grateful and happy while you support your family.

In a bigger area, like a city, you might even be able to make most of your income doing this service alone. I know several Placenta Professionals who do 10-20 each month. More than likely, you'll be doing 4-6 a month, with the potential to grow as the service gains even more momentum.