Midwifery Model of Care with Midwife Monika

Midwifery is a lifelong relationship, and every woman deserves to connect with her midwife. 

Women feel heard, seen, and believed when they meet with Midwife Monika Rosicka. Monika is a primary prenatal and birth provider in her practice and offers Continuity of Care and the reassurance of knowing exactly who will be present at the birth of your child.

In addition to hour-long prenatal visits in the comfort of your home or Monika's cozy office in Ukiah or Willits, Midwife Monika offers all the lab work necessary for your care, diagnostic Ultrasounds, and other tests. Choosing Midwife Monika for your care will help you feel informed, guided, and nurtured. Many of Monika's clients return for consecutive pregnancies or their reproductive health needs. 

Midwife Monika has wonderful relationships with clinic and hospital based providers while having autonomy to practice in a way that honors mother-baby and puts their wellbeing at the center of the care she gives.


Homebirth Safety

Study after study demonstrates the safety of out of hospital births with trained midwives. While the outcomes are just as good as for hospital births, the experience is rated as top notch! 90% of women who planned a home or birth center birth would do it again and had a wonderful experience with the Midwifery Model of Care. With a fraction of the complications associated with hospital births, including a 600% decrease in the need or likelihood of a cesarean birth, moms and dads really love the attention, personalized care, and skilled hands of homebirth midwives.

(Published studies on safety: http://www.bmj.com/content/330/7505/1416 and http://mana.org/blog/home-birth-safety-outcomes)

Midwifery Care = Better Outcomes, More Satisfaction, Greater Value (for Less $$)

Midwifery care is the Gold Standard of Maternity Care. Midwives are experts in natural birth and holistic pregnancy. Midwives have been used by birthing women throughout recorded history in every culture and in many other species of mammals. The countries that utilize midwifery care for most mothers see the best outcomes for both mothers and babies as opposed to countries that heavily rely on Obstetrical Care. 

The US, sadly, could use much improvement with our birth outcomes, ranking 68th in the world in maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, behind every industrialized country and many developing nations as well. 

Midwives are part of the solution for mending our broken healthcare system. For a fraction of the cost of hospital birth care, women receive much better care tailored to their needs. Homebirth has been on the rise for the past decade in the US.  (Usually a homebirth is 1/4-1/8 the cost of an average hospital birth.)

It's an exciting time to become a parent and to welcome your new family member. Choose wisely who you hire to be with you at this once-in-a-lifetime event you will remember your whole life.


Prenatal Care

  • Initial Exam at the onset of your care which can include a Physical and Clinical Breast Exam and any lab work
  • Continuity of Care for subsequent prenatal appointments 
  • Attention to nutrition, herbs, and holistic lifestyle
  • Vitals include: Blood Pressure, Pulse, Urine Analysis, Weight
  • Belly Palpation and Measurement to: assess baby's position, size, growth patterns; amount of fluid
  • Answering all your questions
  • Explaining future tests and lab work
  • Planning for your birth, including supplies, classes, and resources
  • Going over fears, dreams, hopes, and anything else you might need
  • At least 2 Prenatal Home visits

On Call and Attendance of Birth and Immediate Postpartum

  • On-call availability 24/7 from 37 to 42 weeks gestation (This is an amazing service in itself!!)
  • Attendance of your birth whenever you need me (no dilation or contraction pattern minimum, It's really your call!!)
  • Continuity of Care at the Birth, whether it's a few hours or a few days
  • Assistant Midwife On-Call and available for your birth 
  • Labor monitoring via: Digital Display Doppler as well as vital monitoring
  • Water birth option 
  • Immediate care of the mother and newborn following the birth for at least 3-4 hours, or longer, as needed
  • Newborn Exam that includes: vitals, weight, baby measurements, head to toe assessments, including common issues such as tongue tie.
  • Assistance with breastfeeding as needed

Postpartum Visits

  • Visits are in your home except for the last visit, which may be in my office
  • Visits at: 24-48 hours; 3-5 days; 7-10 days; 2 weeks; 4 weeks; 6 weeks; extra visit if needed at no extra charge
  • Breastfeeding assistance
  • Assistance applying for your birth certificate
  • Help with Placenta Encapsulation, Mother roasting, or any other postpartum ritual
  • Lactation Amenorrhea Method and future family planning needs discussed prior to close of care

Placenta Encapsulation Services

Benefits of Placenta, although not evaluated by the FDA, the placenta can help restore your body after giving birth and boosts your mood, milk flow, and recovery time. It has high levels of iron and every mineral and nutrient needed after birth, including protein and hormones. It can help lower the chances of postpartum depression and mood disorders which are very common.

  • Can be done any time postpartum, ideal window is the first few days following birth
  • Placenta is professionally made into capsules. You also get a print of the placenta and a cord keep sake.
  • This service is available to mothers within 1.5 hour of Willits, CA. 
  • Fee for the service is: $250, extra transportation fee applies if more than 30 mins one way from Willits or Ukiah
  • To book your service, please reply with your Expected Delivery Date (EDD) and your birth location to begin the process
  • If you have any questions, I would gladly answer any of them for you and can speak with your for 10-15 minutes while you decide if you want the service, no pressure.
  • If you'd like to become Certified as a Placenta Specialist to help more women have better postpartum recovery, you can take the course Placenta Specialist Training being offered online from anywhere in the world.